Hezekiah 6:14

I heard  a poem once written by an unknown author.  The words resonate with me though.  Are we crazy to believe what we believe?  Are we crazy to put so much effort into sharing the gospel with others?  Perhaps we are just a little bit, but I do know this:  Those who persevere will reach the summit they are striving for, and maybe being a little bit crazy helps us maintain focus and block out other obstacles that would otherwise keep us from our goals.  Whether our summit is an actual mountaintop, or that summit is being able to love others who might not even love us back, or that summit is the dream we have had for years but have always failed to reach.  In churches and in life, we need each other, we need our churches to be places of encouragement, not judgement, places of joy with each others company, not burdensome meetings.  After all, the church is the people and it’s those people that each of us need to bond together to keep us all charging for the summit.  It is truly those that remain and endure that will be able to see the view from the top.  Will you climb with me to the top?  I would love for you to be tied to me and I to you.  In the words of Bo Schembechler when talking to his Michigan football team “Those who stay will be champions” 
The poem I referred to at the beginning of this post is below.  
In Christ
Pastor Blane Trant
“The reason mountain climbers

are tied together

is to keep the sane ones from going home.”

I don’t know who said it,

or when, or where,

but I’ve chuckled over it,

thought about it, and quoted it, too.

With a mountain of mercy behind me

and a mountain of mission ahead,

I need you, my sister, my brother,

I need to be tied to you,

and you need me, too.

We need each other …

to keep from bolting,

fleeing in panic, and returning

to the “sanity” of unbelief.

Wise words, whoever said them;

I’ve placed them in my “bible”;

they are my Hezekiah 6:14.